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Work Equipment Risk Assessment - Miscellaneous Stuff

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Page 3 - Section 3 - Restrictions, Section 4 - Guards and Section 5 - Effects of Temperature

Page 4 - Section 6 - Specific Hazards

Page 5 - Section 7 - Controls (page 1 of 2)

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Risk Assessment 'work equipment Miscellaneous' Questions Cover:




8.1Is equipment capable of being isolated from its energy supply by safe clearly identifiable means?

8.2Can equipment be re-energised without exposing any persons to risk to health and safety?

8.3Is equipment established or secured to prevent hazards?

8.4Is illumination when equipment is used sufficient to prevent hazards arising from poor visibility?

8.5Is sufficient general/local lighting provided at the equipment?


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Page 7 - Section 8 - Miscellaneous



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