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Work Equipment Risk Assessment - Controls (page 2 of 2)

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Page 1 - Section 1 - Suitability

Page 2 - Section 2 - Maintenance

Page 3 - Section 3 - Restrictions, Section 4 - Guards and Section 5 - Effects of Temperature

Page 4 - Section 6 - Specific Hazards

Page 5 - Section 7 - Controls (page 1 of 2)

Page 7 - Section 8 - Miscellaneous


Risk Assessment 'work equipment Controls, page 2' Questions Cover:


Controls (part 1 of 2)


7.8Do control operators have a clear and full view of the equipment?

7.9If equipment causes a hazard in operation, is it fitted with a readily accessible and clearly identified emergency stop, which overrides all other controls?

7.10* Can the operator ensure no person is in the danger zone while he/she is operating the equipment?

7.11* Is a safe system of work is required to prevent persons entering the danger zone while the equipment is operating?

7.12If the above controls * are not practicable, are audible, visible or other warnings provided before the equipment is started?

7.13Is the control system designed to fail safe in event of loss of power?

7.14Are lock-off/ permit to work systems in place where appropriate?


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Page 6 - Section 7 - Controls (page 2 of 2)



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