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On Safe Lines Quality, Health and Safety, and Environmental topics.

QHSE Support


Integrated QHSE support file.  (Site Map)


Articles given within this QHSE support website will provide a general overview of the subject matter.  The content within does not propose or provide any authoritative standpoint.


Many employees spend their time isolated within a department, becoming highly skilled in their specialised field.  They may know very little about process flow from order placed, order filled, to customer retention. To manage QHSE effectively, you need knowledge of many disciplines and how they interrelate with one another.  There are many websites covering Quality, Health & Safety, and Environmental subjects on the internet.  Many of these websites could be referred to as static content, as they cover topics in relative isolation.  However, this is not how businesses and organisations flow.  This website attempts to achieve a more flexible approach to QHSE subjects, linking comparable and related topics with a more workplace mindset. 


Administering a single QHSE support help file framework, with more topics appended, existing subjects broaden and additional links added, provides an easy-to-use QHSE cyclopaedia system.  In many ways considered a reference website, providing a subject overview with links to further details. However, readers are encouraged to seek their required information from both the content and links provided, as well as various other sources as considered necessary, least of all because views on QHSE subjects differ from nation to nation, let alone organisation to organisation. 


Anyone wishing to contribute to this QHSE meandering advise should send their submissions to support@onsafelines.com for consideration.


Due to plagiarism of the contents of this help file, it has become necessary to watermark several of my images, diagrams, and mind-maps more positively.  Should you wish to use parts of the help file, please feel free to contact me.


Brian G. Welch, MSc(QHSE), NVQ4(OH&S), CMIOSH




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