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QHSE Subject Index

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Health and Safety Topics

Health and Safety Section Index

ISO 45001<>9001<>14001 Alignment

ISO 45001:2018

ISO 45001:2018 Index

ISO 45001:2018 MindMap of Clauses

ISO 45001:2018 Introduction

ISO 45001:2018 Establish and Maintain 

ISO 45000 Series

ISO 45001:2018 OHS PDCA

ISO 45001:2018 3 Terms and Conditions

ISO 45001:2018 Clauses

ISO 45001:2018 Clause 4 - Organization

ISO 45001:2018 4 Organization

ISO 45001:2018 4.1 Content

ISO 45001:2018 4.2 Interested parties

ISO 45001:2018 4.3 Scope

ISO 45001:2018 4.4 OHS system

ISO 45001:2018 Clause 5 - Leadership

ISO 45001-2018 5 Leadership

ISO 45001-2018 5.1 Leadership and commitment

ISO 45001-2018 5.2 OHS policy

ISO 45001-2018 5.3 Organizational roles

ISO 45001-2018 5.4 Consultation

ISO 45001:2018 Clause 6 - Planning

ISO 45001-2018 6 Planning

ISO 45001-2018 6.1 Risks and opportunities

ISO 45001-2018 6.2 Objectives

ISO 45001:2018 Clause 7 - Support

ISO 45001-2018 7 Support

ISO 45001-2018 7.1 Resources

ISO 45001-2018 7.2 Competence

ISO 45001-2018 7.3 Awareness

ISO 45001-2018 7.4 Communication

ISO 45001-2018 7.5 Documented information

ISO 45001:2018 Clause 8 - Operation

ISO 45001-2018 8 Operation

ISO 45001-2018 8.1 Planning and control

ISO 45001-2018 8.2 Emergency preparedness

ISO 45001:2018 Clause 9 - Performance

ISO 45001-2018 9 Performance evaluation

ISO 45001-2018 9.1 Performance evaluation

ISO 45001-2018 9.2 Internal audit

ISO 45001-2018 9.3 Management review

ISO 45001:2018 Clause 10 - Improvement

ISO 45001-2018 10 Improvement

ISO 45001-2018 10.1 General

ISO 45001-2018 10.2 Corrective action

ISO 45001-2018 10.3 Continual improvement

Accidents at Work

Accidents at Work

Accident Investigation

Accident Book

Accident Book UK

Approved Codes of Practice H&S Guides Index







Asbestos in the Workplace

Asbestos Management

Asbestos in the Workplace

Asbestos Health Hazards

Asbestos Warning Sign

Danger Asbestos Sign

Asbestos Multiple Warning Sign

Asbestos PPE Sign

Asbestos News

Asbestos Illness Statistics

Display Screen Equipment

DSE Management

DSE Guides

DSE Health Risks

DSE Requirements

DSE cont...

DSE User Check List

DSE Self Assessment

DSE Risk Assessment p1 of 8

DSE Risk Assessment p2 of 8

DSE Risk Assessment p3 of 8

DSE Risk Assessment p4 of 8

DSE Risk Assessment p5 of 8

DSE Risk Assessment p6 of 8

DSE Risk Assessment p7 of 8

DSE Risk Assessment p8 of 8

First Aid at Work

First Aid at Work

First Aid at Work cont...

1st Aid Risk Assessment p1 of 7

1st Aid Risk Assessment p2 of 7

1st Aid Risk Assessment p3 of 7

1st Aid Risk Assessment p4 of 7

1st Aid Risk Assessment p5 of 7

1st Aid Risk Assessment p6 of 7

1st Aid Risk Assessment p7 of 7

Fire Premises Management

Fire Premises Safety

Fire Premises Risk Assessment p1 of 9

Fire Premises Risk Assessment p2 of 9

Fire Premises Risk Assessment p3 of 9

Fire Premises Risk Assessment p4 of 9

Fire Premises Risk Assessment p5 of 9

Fire Premises Risk Assessment p6 of 9

Fire Premises Risk Assessment p7 of 9

Fire Premises Risk Assessment p8 of 9

Fire Premises Risk Assessment p9 of 9

Hazardous Substances

Hazardous Substances p1

Hazardous Substances p2

Hazardous Substances p3

Changes Hazardous Substances Symbols

Comparison between Old to New Hazardous Symbol

Old Hazard Symbols

Table of Old Symbols

Dangerous for the Environment

Explosive substances


Extremely Flammable

Very Tonic




New Hazard Symbols

Table of New Hazard Symbols

Hazardous to the aquatic environment

Acute toxicity

Gases under pressure






Longer term health hazards

Hazardous Substances Risk Assessment

Substances Risk Assessment p1 of 5

Substances Risk Assessment p2 of 5

Substances Risk Assessment p3 of 5

Substances Risk Assessment p4 of 5

Substances Risk Assessment p5 of 5

INDG Industry Health and Safety Guides Index 

Health and Safety Industry Guides p1 of 7

Health & Safety Law - What you should know

INDG36 - DSE : Working with VDU's

INDG69 - Violence at Work

INDG73 - Lone Working: Health and safety guidance on the risks of lone working

INDG84 - Leptospirosis: Are You At Risk?

INDG90 - Ergonomics and human factors

INDG91 - Drug Misuse at Work:  A Guide of Employers

INDG136 - Working with substances hazardous to health : A Brief Guide to COSHH

INDG143 - Manual Handling: Getting to Grips With

INDG147 - Keep your top on

INDG163 - Risk Assessment a brief guide

INDG171 - Managing upper limb disorders in the workplace

INDG172 - Breathe easy

INDG175 - Vibration: Control the Risks from Hand-arm Vibration

INDG199 - Workplace transport safety

Health and Safety Industry Guides p2 of 7

INDG214 - First aid at work

INDG223 - Asbestos : A Short Guide to Managing Asbestos in Premises

INDG225 - Preventing slips and trips at work

INDG232 - Consulting Employees on H&S : A Guide to The Law

INDG240 - A guide for employers on alcohol at work

INDG242 - Vibration : Control Back-pain Risks from Whole-body Vibration

INDG244 - Workplace Health Safety & Welfare

INDG247 - Electrical safety for entertainers

INDG258 - Confined spaces

INDG259 - An introduction to health and safety

INDG261 - Pressure systems A brief guide to safety

INDG266 - Are you involved in a diving project at work?

INDG269 - Managing musculoskeletal disorders in checkout work

INDG273 - Working with solvents

INDG275 - Plan, Do, Check, Act - Managing Health & Safety

INDG277 - Leadership for the major hazard industries

INDG285 - Landlords: A Guide to Landlords' Duties Gas Safety

INDG286 - Diesel engine exhaust emissions

INDG290 - LORER 1998 : A Simple Guide

INDG291 - PUWER 1998 : A Simple Guide

INDG293 - Welfare at Work: Guidance for employers on welfare provisions

INDG296 - Vibration : Hand-arm Vibration

INDG297 - Safety in gas welding, cutting and similar processes

Health and Safety Industry Guides p3 of 7

INDG305 - Lead and you

INDG310 - Drycleaners - Are you in control?

INDG311 - Beryllium and you

INDG314 - Hot work on small tanks

INDG316 - Inspection and testing of mechanical power presses and press brakes

INDG317 - Chainsaws at work

INDG318 - Manual handling solutions in woodworking

INDG327 - Working safely with acetylene

INDG329 - Bezene and you

INDG330 - Selecting protective gloves

INDG331 - Safe use of petrol in garages

INDG334 - Working safely with ionising radiation

INDG335 - Is it Explosive

INDG339 - Thorough examination and testing of lifts

INDG342 - Latest Titles Blood-borne Viruses In The Workplace

INDG344 - The Absolutely Essential Health and Safety Tool Kit for the Smaller Construction Contractor

INDG345 - Health and safety training

INDG346 - Chromium and you

INDG347 - Basic advice on first aid at work

INDG349 - Safe working with vehicle air-conditioning systems

INDG351 - Nickel and you

INDG354 - Safety in electrical testing at work

INDG356 - Reducing ill health and accidents in motor vehicle repair

INDG360 - Health and safety in audio-visual

INDG361 - Regulating health and safety in the UK offshore oil and gas fields

INDG362 - Noise : Noise at Work 2005 - Guidance for Employers

INDG363 - Noise : Protect your Hearing or Lose it

INDG365 - Working safely with metalworking fluids

INDG367 - Inspecting fall arrest equipment made from webbing or rope

INDG368 - Using contractors

INDG370 - Controlling fire and explosion risks in the workplace

INDG371 - The safe operation of ski slopes

INDG372 - Electrical switchgear safety

INDG377 - How to reduce exposure to dioxins in aluminium recycling

INDG378 - Safe use of skip loaders

INDG379 - In road haulage

INDG382 - Road Safety - Managing Work Related

INDG383 - Manual handling assessment charts (the MAC tool)

INDG384 - Five ways to reduce risk on site

INDG387 - Safe working with LPG-fuelled motor vehicles

INDG388 - Safety in isocyanate paint spraying

INDG390 - Choosing a welding set

INDG391 - Cadmium and you

INDG392 - Guidance for the recover paper

INDG398 - Making the best use of lifting and handling aids

INDG399 - Managing sickness absence and return to work in small businesses

Health and Safety Industry Guides p4 of 7

INDG401 - Working at Height : Working at Height Regs 2005 - A Brief Guide

INDG402 - Safe use of ladders and stepladders

INDG403 - A toolbox talk on leaning ladder and stepladder safety

INDG404 - Drive Away Bad Backs

INDG405 - Top tips for ladder and stepladder safety

INDG408 - Clearing the air

INDG411 - A Short Guide for Clients on the CDM Regs 2015

INDG412 - Warehousing and Storage

INDG413 - Preventing falls from vehicles

INDG417 - Leading Health and Safety for Directors

INDG420 - Getting Specialist Health and Safety Help

INDG422 - Thorough examination of lifting equipment

Health and Safety Industry Guides p5 of 7

INDG424 - Reduce Stress at Work: A guide for employees

INDG426 - Is poultry dust making you ill?

INDG430 - Work-related Stress

INDG438 - Assessment of repetitive tasks of the upper limbs (the ART tool)

INDG440 - Supervising for safety in woodworking

INDG449 - Health & Safety made Simple for Small Businesses

INDG450 - Your Health, your safety : A brief guide for workers

INDG451 - Heat stress in the workplace

INDG453 - Reporting accidents and incidents at work (RIDDOR 2013)

INDG455 - Safe use of ladders and step ladders - REPLACED BY LA455

Health and Safety Industry Guides p6 of 7

INDG457 - Use lift trucks safely:  Advice for operators

INDG458 - Legionnaires disease: A brief guide for duty-holder

INDG459 - Oxygen use in the workplace:  Fire and explosion hazards

INDG460 - Is your mask protecting you?

INDG461 - Using cut-off saws: A guide to protecting your lung

INDG462 - Lift-truck training: Advice for employer

INDG463 - Control of exposure to silica dust: A guide for employee

INDG467 - The Dangerous Substances (Notification and Marking of Sites) Regulations 1990: A brief guide on an amendment to the Regulations 2013

INDG469 - The dangers of cellulose nitrate film

INDG470 - Handling newspaper and magazine bundles

Health and Safety Industry Guides p7 of 7

INDG472 - Preventing accidents to children on farms

INDG473 - SMART paint spraying: How to control health and safety risk

INDG474 - Lifting equipment at work:  A brief guide

INDG476 - Storing and selling pyrotechnic articles safely

INDG477 - Storing and selling shooting supplies safely

INDG478 - Risk assessment of pushing and pulling (RAPP) tool

INDG479 - Guidance on respiratory protective equipment (RPE) fit testing

INDG480 - Hand-arm vibration in amenity horticulture and how to control the risk

HSG Health and Safety Guides Index

HSG Health and Safety Guides p1 of 8

HSG17 - Safety in the use of abrasive wheels

HSG28 - Safety advice for bulk chlorine installations

HSG33 - Health and safety in roof work

HSG38 - Lighting at work

HSG39 - Compressed air safety

HSG40 - Safe handling of chlorine from drums and cylinders

HSG47 - Avoiding danger from underground services

HSG48 - Reducing error and influencing behaviour

HSG51 - The storage of flammable liquids in containers

HSG53 - Respiratory protective equipment at work: A practical guide

HSG57 - Seating at work

HSG60 - Upper limb disorders in the workplace

HSG Health and Safety Guides p2 of 8

HSG Health and Safety Guides p3 of 8

HSG Health and Safety Guides p4 of 8

HSG Health and Safety Guides p5 of 8

HSG Health and Safety Guides p6 of 8

HSG Health and Safety Guides p7 of 8

HSG Health and Safety Guides p8 of 8

Health & Safety Arrangements

Health and Safety Arrangements

Health and Safety Arrangements cont...

PDCA - Plan


PDCA - Check

PDCA - Act

Company Health and Safety Policy

Director's Health and Safety Policy

Manager's Health ans Safety Policy

Employee's Health and Safety Policy

Monitoring Health and Safety Policy

Health & Safety Mindmaps

H&S at Work Act 1974

Asbestos Health Hazards

Latest H&S News Feeds

Latest HSE Health and Safety UK News

Latest HSE UK News

Latest UK Statutory Instruments

Latest Health and Safety Prosecutions

Latest Health and Safety Construction News

Health and Safety Statistics

Health and Safety Statistics from 1999

Health and Safety Statistics Sickness Statistics

Latest Health and Safety Construction News

Health and Safety Websites



Legionella cont...

Legionnaires Disease News

Lone Working

Lone Working

Lone Working cont...

Manual Handling

Manual Handling

Manual Handling cont...

Manual Handling Risk Assessment p1 of 4

Manual Handling Risk Assessment p2 of 4

Manual Handling Risk Assessment p3 of 4

Manual Handling Risk Assessment p4 of 4

Noise at Work

Noise at Work

Noise at Work cont...

Noise at Work cont...

PPE Equipment

Personal Protective Equipment

PPE Risk Assessment p1 of 5

PPE Risk Assessment p2 of 5

PPE Risk Assessment p3 of 5

PPE Risk Assessment p4 of 5

PPE Risk Assessment p5 of 5

Risk Assessments

What is a Risk

What is a Risk Assessment

Competent Person

Risk Assessments

Simple Risk Assessment Procedure

3x3 Risk Matrix

3x3 Risk Matrix cont...

4x4 Risk Matrix

5x5 Risk Matrix - Page 1

5x5 Risk Matrix - Page 2

5x5 Risk Matrix - Page 3

5x5 Risk Matrix - Page 4

5x5 Risk Matrix - Page 5

7+7 Risk Matrix

7+7 Risk Matrix cont...


Risk Assessment Matrix Comparisons...

Risk Assessment Software

Risk Assessment Types Index

Manual Handling Assessments

DSE Assessments

Work Equipment Assessments

Workplace Assessments

1st Aid Risk Assessment

Fire Risk Assessments

Hazardous Substances Assessment

PPE Risk Assessments

Self Fill Sample Assessments

Risk Assessment Templates

DSE / VDU Risk Assessment

Fire Risk Assessment

First Aid Risk Assessment

Hazardous Substance Risk Assessment

Manual Handling

PPE Risk Assessment

Work Equipment Risk Assessment

Work Equipment

Work Equipment

Work Equipment Use

Work Equipment Storage

New Equipment Procedure

Existing Equipment Procedure

Equipment Risk Assessment p1 of 7

Equipment Risk Assessment p2 of 7

Equipment Risk Assessment p3 of 7

Equipment Risk Assessment p4 of 7

Equipment Risk Assessment p5 of 7

Equipment Risk Assessment p6 of 7

Equipment Risk Assessment p7 of 7


Quality Topics (Back to Top)

Quality in the Business

Simplistic PDCA cycle

ISO 9000-2015 General

ISO 9001-2015 Clauses

Quality in the Business

ISO 9001<>14001<>45001 Alignment

ISO 9000 Series

Simplistic PDCA cycle

ISO 9000-2015 General

ISO 9001-2015 Clauses

ISO 9001<>14001<>45001 Alignment

ISO 9001-2015

2008 to 2015 Collation p1

2008 to 2015 Collation p2

2008 to 2015 Collation p3

2015 to 2008 Collation p1

2015 to 2008 Collation p2

2015 to 2008 Collation p3

Mindmap of Clauses

ISO 9000 Series

ISO 9001-2015 clause 4 - Organization

ISO 9001-2015 4 Organization

ISO 9001:2015 4.1 Context

ISO 9001-2015 4.2 Interested parties

ISO 9001-2015 4.3 QMS scope

ISO 9001-2015 4.4 QMS processes

ISO 9001-2015 clause 5 - Leadership

ISO 9001-2015 5 Leadership

ISO 9001:2015 5.1 Leadership and commitment

ISO 9001-2015 5.2 Policy

ISO 9001:2015 5.3 Organizational Roles

ISO 9001-2015 clause 6 - Planning

ISO 9001-2015 6 Planning

ISO 9001-2015 6.1 Risks and opportunities

ISO 9001-2015 6.2 Objectives

ISO 9001-2015 6.3 Planning for changes

ISO 9001-2015 clause 7 - Support

ISO 9001-2015 7 Support

ISO 9001:2015 7.1 Resources

ISO 9001:2015 7.2 Competence

ISO 9001:2015 7.3 Awareness

ISO 9001-2105 7.4 Communication

ISO 9001-2015 7.5 Documented information

ISO 9001-2015 7.5.1 General

ISO 9001-2015 7.5.2 Creating and updating

ISO 9001-2015 7.5.3 Control of documented Information

ISO 9001-2015 7.5 Overview p1

ISO 9001-2015 7.5 Overview p2

ISO 9001-2015 7.5 Overview p3

ISO 9001-2015 clause 8 - Operation

ISO 9001-2015 8 Operation

ISO 9001-2015 8.1 Planning and control

ISO 9001-2015 8.2 Products and Services

ISO 9001-2015 8.3 Design and development

ISO 9001-2015 8.4 Externally provided processes

ISO 9001-2015 8.5 Service provision

ISO 9001-2015 8.6 Release of products

ISO 9001-2015 8.7 Nonconforming outputs

ISO 9001-2015 clause 9 - Performance

ISO 9001-2015 9 Performance evaluation

ISO 9001-2015 9.1 Performance evaluation

ISO 9001-2015 9.2 Internal audit

ISO 9001-2015 9.3 Management review

ISO 9001-2015 clause 10 - Improvement

ISO 9001-2015 10 Improvement

ISO 9001-2015 10.1 General

ISO 9001-2015 10.2 Corrective action

ISO 9001-2015 10.3 Continual improvement


Environmental Topics (Back to Top)

WEEE Regulations


WEEE Categories

WEEE Decision Tree

ISO 14001<>9001<>45001 Alignment

ISO 14001:2015 General

ISO 14001:2015 Introduction

ISO 14001:2015 Clauses

ISO 14001:2015 MindMap of Clauses

EMS PDCA cycle

ISO 14001-2015 Clause Index

ISO 14001-2015 Clauses

ISO 14001-2015 Clause 4 - Organization

ISO 14001-2015 4 Organization

ISO 14001-2015 4.1 Context

ISO 14001-2015 4.2 Interested parties

ISO 14001-2015 4.3 Scope

ISO 14001-2015 4.4 EMS System

ISO 14001-2015 Clause 5 - Leadership

ISO 14001-2015 5 Leadership

ISO 14001-2015 5.1 Leadership and commitment

ISO 14001-2015 5.2 Environmental policy

ISO 14001-2015 5.3 Organizational roles

ISO 14001-2015 Clause 6 - Planning

ISO 14001-2015 6 Planning

ISO 14001-2015 6.1 Risks and opportunities

ISO 14001-2015 6.2 Objectives

ISO 14001-2015 Clause 7 - Support

ISO 14001-2015 7 Support

ISO 14001-2015 7.1 Resources

ISO 14001-2015 7.2 Competence

ISO 14001-2015 7.3 Awareness

ISO 14001-2015 7.4 Communication

ISO 14001-2015 7.5 Documented information

ISO 14001-2015 Clause 8 - Operation

ISO 14001-2015 8 Operation

ISO 14001-2015 8.1 Planning and control

ISO 14001-2015 8.2 Emergency preparedness

ISO 14001-2015 Clause 9 - Performance

ISO 14001-2015 9 Performance evaluation

ISO 14001-2015 9.1 Environmental performance

ISO 14001-2015 9.2 Internal audit

ISO 14001-2015 9.3 Management review

ISO 14001-2015 Clause 10 - Improvements

ISO 14001-2015 10 Improvements

ISO 14001-2015 10.1 General

ISO 14001-2015 10.2 Corrective action

ISO 14001-2015 10.3 Continual improvement


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