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ISO 9001:2015 7.5 PDCA: PLAN


Clause 7.5 Overview


ensure that relevant versions of applicable documented information are available at points of use.

The modern way we live has made this clause much more easy to achieve and also made things far more environmentally friendly.  This, from the point of view that paper issues of documents at every point of use is not necessary, these days the use of computers, workstations, laptops, palmtops, Internet pages, company intranets, blackberry (handheld mobiles) etc have made it far easier to manage documents at the point of use, and all have the advantage that authorised access is relatively simple to implement.


ensure that documented information remain legible and readily identifiable.

This is a no brainer, there is nothing worse than not being able to identify, not being able to find or not able to read the documented information your supposed to be working on.

Point of note 1: Electronic documents have a habit of looking wonderful on the PC they were created on, only to be a complete mess on the end user's, who may not have those fancy fonts, so be warned, remember your target audience...

Point of note 2: Another issue that can be irritating is people creating documents in the latest versions of programs and not backwardly saving them.  Remember the 98 percent of users still using the tried and tested software that is fit for purpose, and not the bells and whistles latest issue, and no doubt expensive.


ensure that documented information of external origin are identified and their distribution managed

It is important to remember that documented information, in whatever format, includes documented information of external origin that are relevant to the various processes throughout the quality management system, including contracts, specification, design drawings, legislative and regulatory doctrine etc, so remember these will also be subject to the same controls as internally generated documented information.



All of the requirements of this clause can be met using DICS - Document Issuing and Control system my On Safe Lines QHSE Software Ltd, see link below to learn more.


In the example below it shows a software program Audited Manager being controlled and issued to three locations. 


Document Control System


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