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Sample Health and Safety Policy for Employee's Responsibilities


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Read and understand the company health and safety policy and carry out your work in accordance with its requirements and those of any Health and Safety Plan developed for the site on which you are working.

Use the correct tools and equipment for the job.

Wear safety footwear at all times and use, where necessary, all protective clothing and safety equipment provided, e.g. safety helmets, goggles, respirators and so on.

Keep tools in good condition.

Report immediately to your Line Manager any defects in plant or equipment.

Work in a safe manner at all times.  Do not take unnecessary risks, which could endanger you or others.  If possible, remove site hazards yourself, e.g. remove or flatten nails sticking out of timber, tie unsecured access ladders, etc.

Do not use plant or equipment for work for which it was not intended or if you are not trained or experienced to use it.

Warn other employees, particularly new employees and young people, of particular known hazards.

Do not play dangerous or practical jokes or "horseplay" on site.

Report to line manager any person seen abusing the welfare facilities provided.

Report any injury to yourself which results from an accident at work, even if the injury does not stop you working.


Report any damage to plant or equipment.

Suggest safer methods of working and additional training needs to your line manager.  Undertake any training provided.

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