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Detailed Accident Records. (accident book legislation)


AIM: Accidents at Work Management Software

AIM: Accidents at Work Management Software
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Detailed accident records should be kept for three main reasons:

Employers will find it useful to use accident data to measure their health and safety performance. Accident data is an important part of the employer's risk assessments, as they should identify types and root causes of accidents. This information is needed to help to decide any necessary mitigation and control measures.

The UK Law:

The Social Security (Claims and Payments) Regulations 1979 Regulation 25  

"...every employer by whom 10 or more persons are normally employed at the same time on or about the same premises in connection with a trade or business carried on by the employer shall, subject to the following provisions of this paragraph—


(a) keep readily accessible a book or books in a form approved by the Secretary of State in which the appropriate particulars (as defined in regulation 24) of any accident causing personal injury to a person employed by the employer..."


What is the requirement for a workplace accident book?


The Accident Book is an essential document for employers and employees, who are required by law to record and report details of specified work-related injuries and incidents.

There is a legal requirement to record information additional to that which can be recorded in the Accident Book:

Accidents suffered by non-employees, for example, customers or other visitors.

Particulars of reportable diseases suffered by employees.

The date on and method by which incidents were reported to the Enforcing Authority.

Particularly, in cases of work-related ill-health, liability claims can be made many years after the initial event.


The Accident Book is a valuable document that organisations can use to record accident information as part of their management of health and safety. Remember, an involved and fully informed workforce is the basis of good health and safety management.


As a minimum accident should record:


1.The full name, address and occupation of injured person;

2.Date and time of accident;

3.Place where accident happened;

4.Cause and nature of injury;

5.Name, address and occupation of person giving the notice, if other than the injured person. 


Computer software can also be a great help to record and trend find on accident records.


AIM - Employee Accident Investigation and Management Software 


AIM - Employee Accident Investigation and Management Software 

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