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Guidance on Storage of Work Equipment


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You must store your equipment and tools safely so as not to cause a hazard to your employees or anyone visiting your premises.


Equipment should be stored and stacked, on a firm level base, so it is not likely to fall. Use a properly constructed rack when needed, and secure it to the floor, or wall if possible.

Ensure that all racking is erected safely and properly.

Do not exceed the safe load for racks, shelves or floors or allow items to stick out from stacks or bins into gangways.

Ensure that all employees are adequately trained in safe stacking.

Ensure stacks are stable, chock pipes & drums to prevent rolling and keep heavy articles near floor level.

Ensure limits are set for the height of stacks so as to maintain stability.

Keep fire exit routes, corridors, aisles, passageways, stairways and doors free from materials, supplies and obstructions of every kind.

Ensure employees do not climb racks to reach upper shelves.

Tools not in use should not be left lying around, put them away when a job is finished so as not to create a hazard.

Protect sharp edges of tools that are to be stored or covered. Uncovered Stanley knives kept in pockets cause many hand injuries.


You must also ensure that equipment on location is stored safely and securely so as not to cause potential hazard or inconvenience to your clients, location staff or members of the public.



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