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WEEE Regs UK Categories


Categories of electrical and electronic equipment covered by the WEEE Regulations


1.Large household appliances (e.g. white goods less cooling equipment see 12);

2.Small household appliances (e.g. vacuums, irons, toasters etc.);

3.IT and telecoms equipment (e.g. computers, printers, calculators, phones, answer machines etc. but not displays see 11);

4.Consumer equipment (e.g. radios, hi-fi equipment, electronic musical instruments etc.but not televisions see 11);

5.Lighting equipment (but not household lighting)

6.Electrical and electronic tools (e.g. drills, saws, sewing machines etc., but excluding large stationary industrial tools);

7.Toys and leisure and sports equipment (e.g. train sets, video games, coin slot machines etc.);

8.Medical devices (e.g. dialysis machines, ventilators etc.) (Note that this category is not covered by the RoHS Directive at present – see below.);

9.Monitoring and Control instruments (e.g. smoke detectors, thermostats etc.) (Note that this category is also not covered by the RoHS Directive at present.); and

10.Automatic dispensers (e.g. ATMs, drink and snack vending machines etc.).

11.Display equipment (e.g. TVs and monitors)

12.Cooling equipment (e.g. refrigeration equipment)

13.Gas discharge lamps and LEDs

14.Photovoltaic cells


Covered by a specific exemption?


          Equipment designed to protect the UK's national security.

          Equipment that is part of a type of equipment which falls outside the scope of the regulations (eg. Part of an aircraft or car)

          Filament light bulbs. (internal and external, other than gas discharge bulbs and tubes)

          Household light fittings of any kind.

          Large industrial tools, permanently fixed in industrial machinery or an industrial location. (lathe, miller, pallet wrapping machine etc)

          Contaminated medical implants and medical equipment.

          Consumables for EEE, such as printer cartridges. See note


Notes: EEE consumables do not generally come under the WEEE Regulations, unless they are part of another product that is covered. For example, an ink cartridge on its own is not EEE, but if it's inside a discarded printer it becomes part of that product and is covered by the WEEE Regulations. Another example would be car stereos sold separately but which are then fitted and wired into a car are out as they will be with the car at end of life. But after market sat navs, DVD players etc which are portable are in.

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