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Guidance on the Use of Work Equipment


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You must ensure that the equipment you are using is safe and suitable for the tasks in hand, including the environment in which it is to be used.


Think about the work that has to be done. What results are you trying to achieve? Then work from this to establish the type of equipment required.

Ensure equipment is used solely for its intended purpose and is of the right specification to do the job correctly.

Consider the preparation, and work involved in the setting up & breakdown of the equipment.

Consider electrical power supplies and equipment consumption.

Ensure the correct amount of personal to handle and operate the equipment correctly and safely.

Ensure that equipment is only used by people who have the necessary skills and knowledge.

Ensure use of equipment that involves a specific risk is restricted to trained persons given the task of using it. (E.g. Mobile Scaffold tower erection.)

After choosing the right equipment for the job, consider the location of equipment and ensure it is situated in a safe place not obstructing any points of access, thoroughfares or emergency exits.

Ensure that all equipment is in good working condition and set up correctly and safely in a manner that creates no, or an extremely minimal risk to employees or members of the public.

Never use equipment that is not in good mechanical/electrical condition.

Ensure visual checks are made daily before operation of equipment and that good housekeeping practice is adopted. (E.g. be aware of tripping hazards.)

Ensure adequate lighting is provided to be able to safely set up, operate and breakdown any equipment.



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