5x5 Risk Matrix - part 4


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5x5 Risk Matrix - part 4


A risk matrix can by though of as 'chance' calculator, the chance of something happening and the chance of harm arising.  Taking this simplistic view we can build a 5x5 risk matrix based on an individuals perception of chance, which removes unnecessary complex words such as Likelihood verses Consequences and Probability verses Severity.



Simplistic 5x5 Risk Assessment Matrix



One of the quirks of a 5x5 3 colour graded risk matrix as shown above, is the sudden change of colour from low, medium and high.  For example,  risk 8 is classed as green and therefore low, whereas risk 9 is classed as yellow and therefore medium.  In reality the move up and down the risk scale should be smoother, the increase in actual risk more gradual.  Being stringent with a 3 colour classification could be said to be too black and white...



Simplistic 5x5 Risk Assessment Matrix with Gradient Low to High Colour Transition.


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