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Plan, Do, Check, Act (PDCA) cycle - Plan


HSG 65 publication Managing for Health and Safety


HSG 65 publication Managing for Health and Safety

Plan, Do, Check, Act (PDCA) cycle - Plan



To implement your health and safety policy, you need to establish and maintain an effective health and safety management system that is proportionate to the risks. Also see Management of  Health and Safety at Work Regulation 1999 regulation 3(2) and regulation 4 and 5 requirements for assessing risk.


You should set the direction for effective health and safety management, and a policy that sets a clear direction will help to ensure communication of health and safety duties and benefits throughout the organisation. Also see  Health and Safety at Work Regulation 1999 regulation 10 and regulation 11 and 12 requirements


Policies should be designed to meet legal requirements, prevent health and safety problems, and enable you to respond quickly where difficulties arise or new risks are introduced.


Review about where you are now and plan for where you need to be.

Plan what you want to achieve, define who will be responsible for implementing your aims, set plans in motion and  measure your success. Plan your policy and your plan to deliver it.

Decide how you will measure performance. Think about ways to do this that go beyond looking at accident figures - look for leading and lagging indicators.

Consider fire and other emergencies. Co-operate with anyone who shares your workplace and co-ordinate plans with them.

Remember to plan for changes and identify any specific legal requirements that apply to you.

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