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Manual Risk Assessment - The Individual

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Please allow a few seconds for the check sheet to load.  Once completed you have the options to e-mail or print the assessment.


List of typical risk assessment questions around The Individual.


Risk Assessment Questions Cover:


The Individual


Does the Task Require Greater than Average Strength or Height?

Does the Task Require Special Skills, Training and or Knowledge?

Does the Task Pose Possible Risks to those Individuals with Health Problems?

Does the Task Pose Possible Risks to Pregnant Women or New Mothers?

Does any Individual Require Specialist PPE Which is Specific to the the Task and not of Generic Issue?

Are the Selected Individuals Physically Suitable for the Task?

Have the Selected Individuals been Adequately Trained and Assessed to Undertake Manual Handling Operation?

Is Health Surveillance Monitoring Conducted for Individuals Undertaking Manual Handling Operations?

Are Accident Statistics used to Improve Manual Handling Operations?


Other Considerations


Can the manual handling risk be reduced and or removed by mechanical or automated aids? (SFAIRP principles)

List any aids provided to assist in this manual handling operation?

Are procedures in-place to cover emergency and or unexpected events? (for example, how would the emergency services access and employee who has suffered a back injury?)


Note: We do not store your risk assessment, once you close the form the data is removed.  If, you wish to keep a record of your data input, please print (WYSIWYG) or e-mail (data) the completed form.


Page 1 - The Task

Page 2 - The Load

Page 4 - The Environment 

Page 3 - The Individual


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