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Manual Risk Assessment - The Task


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Page 2 - The Load

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Risk Assessment 'The Task' Questions Cover:


The Core Details, and


1.01The Task - What Does the Task Involve?

1.02Which Parts of the Body are used During this Task?

1.03Task or Elements of the Task Involve Holding the Load at a Distance from the Trunk?

1.04Task or Elements of the Task Involve Twisting of the Truck?

1.05Poor Posture (Stooping / Bending)?

1.06Reaching / Lifting above shoulder height or Lowering / Lifting below Waist height?

1.07Involves Excessive Carrying for Long Distances?

1.08Involves Excessive Dragging / Pushing / Pulling for Long Distances?

1.09Involves Repetitive Movements / Handling?

1.10Task or Elements of the Task Involve Manual Handling whilst in a Seated Position?

1.11Prolonged Physical Effort?

1.12Insufficient Rest or Recovery Time

1.13Sudden / Unpredictable Movements of Load?

1.14Work-rate is Imposed by the Task or Elements of the Task?

1.15Task or Elements of the Task involve Team Handling?

1.16Task or Elements of the Task Involves Changing Grips or Handling Methods?

1.17Task or Elements of the Task Involves Placing the Load with Precision?

1.18The Handler's PPE or Clothing can Hinder Movement or Posture during Task or Elements of the Task?


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Page 1 - The Task

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