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Legionnaire Management Requirements cont...


Many managers are aware of their legal requirements and the good practices set out in the L8 ACOP, however these are not always fully implemented for various reasons, a few are listed here;


The complexities of the water systems being managed

Unclear management structures and overlapping directorate / departmental responsibilities

Poorly defined contractual arrangement between landlord and tenant

Poorly defined and managed contracts with suppliers


To successfully manage the process the following stages need to be addressed:


Identify - your systems which may be at risk

Assess - the risk those systems represent

Produce a Written Scheme - of the controls to be put into place

Manage - define who in the business will manage the process

Records - what type of records do you need to keep


Food for Thought


Good management practices and effectiveness is the reason you do not suffer outbreaks of legionnaires disease, those that do not cannot claim bad luck or imply it was an act of god.  The L8 Approved Code Of Practice defines the requirements to manage the risk of Legionella bacteria in water systems, failure to do so is simply poor and ineffective management ability to follow strategies, policies, procedures and advice documents that are readily available.


Further guidance for duty-holders i.e. employers / landlords can be found in INDG 458.


L8 ACOP Legionnaires' disease


L8 ACOP Legionnaires' disease

IACL27 Legionnaires' disease


IACL27 Legionnaires' disease


INDG 458 Legionnaires’ disease


INDG 458 Legionnaires’ disease


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