ISO 9001-2015


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ISO 9001 2015


Back in the days of ISO 9001 2008 I can remember publishing a web-support page on how you could relate the standard to the PDCA cycle...


"...The 9001 2008 structure now also reflects the "Plan, Do Check, Act (PDCA)" cycle, already introduced in the ISO 14001 standard and the OHSAS 18000:1998 specification (also for interest see the health and safety PDCA INDG275 guide).


The five main sections of the standard are:


Section four - Quality Management System

Section five - Management Responsibilities

Section six - Resource Management

Section seven - Product Realisation

Section eight - Measurement analysis and improvement..."


Within 9001 2015 standard the PDCA methodology has been more clearly define as being able to be applied to the processes developed to meet the requirements of clauses 4 to 10.


We know have seven main clauses:


Section four - Context of the organisation

Section five - Leadership

Section six - Planning

Section seven - Support

Section Eight - Operation

Section Nine - Performance evaluation

Section Ten - Improvement


ISO 9001 2008 used to have eight key principle concepts, namely;


1.Customer focus


3.Involvement of people

4.Process approach

5.System approach to management

6.Factual approach to decision making

7.Continual improvement

8.Mutually beneficial supplier relationships


          Guess some of these were a bit long winded...


In 9001 2015 we are down to seven main quality management principles:


1.customer focus


3.engagement of people

4.process approach


6.evidence-based decision making

7.relationship management

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