ISO 45001-2018 9.3 Management review


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ISO 45001:2018 Clause 9.3 Management review







ISO 45001:2018 Clause 9.3 Management review


Clause 9.3 Breakdown


Q. "is the system effective and suitable, does it fulfil it purpose?"


9.3 Management review


The management review is a critical appraisal to institute change if necessary to the OH&S management system whilst substantiating the commitment of top management.  The management review intention is to show the OH&S management systems continuing suitability, adequacy and effectiveness.  Top management have to believe the management review adds value and is an important part of the essential running of the organization, if not the entire OH&S management system may feel no more than a lip service exercise...


Whilst clause 9.3 management review has many requirements all of which are mandated by the 'shall' verbal form, it may not be so daunting than first thought.  Many of the requirements may already be part of the organizations normal day to day running, typically this would include, but not be limited to such activities as:


previous management review meetings and mandated actions;

monthly management meetings;

monthly safety meetings;

planned general inspections;

accident management;

focus groups;

finance and resources meetings;

strategy meetings;

monthly performance reports;

audit performance and management.


The management review meeting would pull data from these meetings and activities to analyse against the requirements of the OH&S management system continuing suitability, adequacy and effectiveness.


It's not surprising that clause 9.3 can be somewhat confusing as if consists of upwards of 20 elements to be reviewed, some with interrelated ties to each other.


The clause is broken down into sub-clauses a) to g) for with b) and d) have further requirements detailed in numbered lists.


The sub-clauses start with the opening statement of "The management review shall include consideration of:" The use of the 'shall' verbal form with the word 'consideration' is interesting; the statement has a mandatory part that needs to be careful thought about, typically over a period of time.


Taking an abbreviated view of sub-clauses a) to g);


The OH&S management system:


b)changes to;

c)policy and objectives;

d)performance and trends;


g)continual improvements.


which leaves:


a) previous management review actions;

f) communications with interested parties.


The management review shall include consideration of:


9.3 a) previous management review, including the performance and standing of actions issued;


9.3 b) internal or external changes to the OH&S management system:


1)needs and expectations of interested parties;

2)legal requirements and other requirements;

3)risks and opportunities.


9.3 c) the degree to which the OH&S policy and objectives have been actualized.


9.3 d) information on the performance and trends relating to the OH&S management system:


1)incidents, nonconformities, corrective actions and continual improvement;

2)monitoring and measurement results;

3)results of evaluation of compliance with legal requirements and other requirements;

4)audit results;

5)consultation and participation of workers;

6)risks and opportunities.


9.3 e) resource capacity for preserving the capability of the OH&S management system.


9.3 f) pertinent correspondence with interested parties.


9.3 g) opportunities for continual improvement.


The clause then goes on to list the output requirements of the management review meeting, which as you might expect mirrors the areas the standard mandated with the statement "The management review shall include consideration of".


The mind-map below show the output requirements mandated by clause 9.3 management review.


ISO 45001 2018 9.3 management Review Outputs


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