ISO 45001-2018 5.2 OHS policy

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ISO 45001:2018 Clause 5.2 OH&S policy


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ISO 45001:2018 5.2 PDCA: PLAN


Clause 5.2 Breakdown


5.2     OH&S policy


Whilst there is a mandatory requirement for an organization to have a OH&S policy as part of the 45001:2018 requirements, the format of such a policy is left to the discretion of the top management (see clause 7.5)  The OH&S policy for many organization is a mere one page document or poster, some my well publish it as a web-page, although web-site security has to be considered, it could be embarrassing if a hacker changed your 'shall', 'will', and 'ensure' key words to 'shall not', 'will not'  and 'disregard' etc...






ISO 45001-2018 5.2 OH&S Policy mind-map




Useful integrated management system cross references


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