ISO 45001-2018 10.3 Continual improvement


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ISO 45001-2018 Clause 10.3 Continual improvement







ISO 45001-2018 Clause 10.3 Continual improvement


Clause 10.3 Breakdown


10.3 Continual improvement


The requirement for continual improvement is another clause that is mandated by the 'shall' verbal form and as such is a compulsory obligation.  The work undertaken in regards to continual improvement also needs to be retained as documented information to support the organization's effort to enhance its OH&S management system.


Clause 10.3 continual improvement is broken down into five requirements which necessitate the need to demonstrate the continual suitability, adequacy and effectiveness of the OH&S management system, by


a.strengthening OH&S performance;

b.advocating an ethnology that supports an OH&S management system;

c.advocating worker participation in actualizing continual improvement to the OH&S management system;

d.pertinent results of continual improvement shall be disseminate to workers, and worker's representatives as appropriate;

e.maintain documented information to support evidence of continual improvement.


It should be pointed out the continual improvements can be a gradual process or a quantum leap, either way there needs to be documented information to verify assertions.


Examples of continual improvements can be manifold, a few are listed below:


staff suggestion schemes;

customer suggestion schemes;

focus teams;

learning lessons form accident, incidents and near-misses;

sharing lessons learned form accident, incidents and near-misses;

improved lines of internal communications;

improved lines of external communications;

improve worker training and competency;

improved output efficiency;


new and improved:






work instructions and procedures;

safe systems of work;

products / services.


also see 45001 2018 continual improvement mind-map diagram for clause to clause requirements.


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