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Hazardous Substances Risk Assessment - The Core Details

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Please allow a few seconds for the check sheet to load.  Once completed you have the options to e-mail or print the assessment.


List of typical risk assessment questions around The Core Details.


Risk Assessment Questions Cover:


The Core Details, e.g.


Employee / Team



Department / Section

Date of Assessment

Time of Review

Description of Task Being Assessed


The Substance or Product Produced


The Substance or Product Produced

Trade Name

Trade Ref No

Safety Data Sheet

Supplier Name

Emergency Telephone No

Suppliers Address

Telephone Number


Hazard Classification


1. Aquatic

2. Corrosive

3. Caution

4. Explosive

5. Flammable

6. Oxidising

7. Gases

8. Long Term

9. Toxic


Check if Exposure Limits No Applicable



Exposure Limit

Long Term

Short Term


Physical Properties












Brief Details of Health Effects


Note: We do not store your risk assessment, once you close the form the data is removed.  If, you wish to keep a record of your data input, please print (WYSIWYG) or e-mail (data) the completed form.


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Page 1 - The Core Details

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