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COSHH (hazardous substances controls)...


A COSHH (hazardous substances controls) Risk Assessment is a step-by-step approach that requires you to.


Identify what hazards there are,

Evaluate the risks to people, and

For significant risks, decide on the action needed to remove or reduce them to insignificant levels.


Hazard check-list


Does any product you use have a danger label?

Does your process produce gas, fumes, dust. mist or vapour?

Is the substance harmful to breathe in?

Can the substance harm your skin?

Is it likely that harm could arise because of the way you use or produce it?

What are you gong to do about it’?


> Use something else?

> Use it in another, safer way?

> Control it to stop harm being caused?

A COSHH (hazardous substances controls) Risk Assessment is the responsibility of the employer.  Persons preparing the assessment will need to.


Have access too and understand COSHH related legislation, codes of practice and relevant guidance.

Be competent to carry through the work required by the assessment.

Consult widely within the workforce and inform them of results accordingly, and,

Keep in mind your nomadic workers, (who work for you on other premises)


Note. An assessment made for the purposes of the COSHH Regulations will 'not' need to be repeated for the purposes of the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999.


The following is a useful list of, Do's and Don'ts for Chemical Handling;


Do check container label before using,

Do use appropriate protective clothing and equipment,

Do open containers carefully, in well ventilated area (beware of pressure building up in containers),

Do know and understand the hazards of the chemical you are using,

Do make sure your actions are authorised by your supervisor and or manager,

Do understand COSHH Risk Assessment detail and work safely to ensure minimum risk for yourself, your colleagues and others who may be affected,

Do clean up minor spillages,

Do ensure you report major spillages,

If in doubt consult with your supervisor and or manager.

Don't use chemicals if the container labels are missing or damaged so that key information is illegible,

Don't use contaminated or unsuitable mixing or measuring equipment,

Don't eat, drink or smoke when handling or using chemicals.


Further on the control of substances can be found in ACOP L5 and HSG 97 A step by step guide to COSHH assessment



ACOP L5 Control of substances hazardous to health


ACOP L5 Control of substances hazardous to health

HSG 97 A step by step guide to COSHH assessment


HSG 97 A step by step guide to COSHH assessment


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