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Display Screen Equipment Risk Assessment - Identification as a User and their Work Breaks

Display Screen Equipment Risk Assessment - Page 8 of 8


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Page 5 - Section 05 - Space Requirements and Section 06 - Lighting

Page 6 - Section 07 - The Individual

Page 7 - Section 08 - Environment and Section 09 - General Safety


List of typical risk assessment questions around the DSE Identification as a User and their Work Breaks


Risk Assessment Questions Cover:


Does the employee normally used DSE for continuous or near-continuous spells of an hour or more at a time?

Does the employee use DSE as described in 10.1 above more or less daily?

Does the employee have to transfer information quickly to or from the DSE; and also need to apply high levels of attention and concentration; or are they highly dependant on DSE or have little choice about using it; or need special training or skills to use the DSE?

Is the capacity for breaks or changes in work patterns permissible at this workstation?


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Page 8 - Section 10 - Identification as a User / Work Breaks

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