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Display Screen Equipment Risk Assessment - Environment and General Safety

Display Screen Equipment Risk Assessment - Page 7 of 8


Display Screen Equipment Risk Assessment - Environment and General Safety


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Page 1 - Section 01 - The Display Screen

Page 2 - Section 02 - The Keyboard

Page 3 - Section 03 - The Work Desk or Work Surfaces

Page 4 - Section 04 - The Work Chair

Page 5 - Section 05 - Space Requirements and Section 06 - Lighting

Page 6 - Section 07 - The Individual

Page 8 - Section 10 - Identification as a User / Work Breaks


Risk Assessment 'Environment and General Safety' Questions Cover:


8.1Does noise from adjacent workstations or other equipment cause distraction?

8.2Can heat from adjacent workstation and/or other equipment be noticed?

8.3Is there any evidence of ozone or other noxious substances being emitted?

8.4Is the temperature adequate and comfortable?

8.5Is the ventilation adequate and comfortable?


9.1Are there electrical hazards such as worn or improperly connected cables?

9.2Are there tripping hazards such as trailing cables?

9.3Is there clear and safe access / egress around the workstation?

9.4Are working surfaces adequate in strength and stability?            


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Page 7 - Section 08 - Environment and Section 09 - General Safety

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