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Display Screen Equipment Risk Assessment - Space Requirements and Section and Lighting

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Please allow a few seconds for the check sheet to load.  Once completed you have the options to e-mail or print the assessment.


List of typical risk assessment questions around the DSE Space Requirements and Lighting.


Risk Assessment Questions Cover:


Is sufficient space available to allow freedom movement and change of position?

Can documents and telephone equipment be handled in comfort and without excessive body movement?

Is the lighting adequate at the screen and in the area of the workstation?

Does the screen attract reflections from artificial light?

Does the screen attract reflections from windows or normal daylight?

Does the screen attract reflections from decor or other equipment?

Do windows have fitted adjustable coverings to control daylights?


Note: We do not store your risk assessment, once you close the form the data is removed.  If, you wish to keep a record of your data input, please print (WYSIWYG) or e-mail (data) the completed form.


Page 1 - Section 01 - The Display Screen

Page 2 - Section 02 - The Keyboard

Page 3 - Section 03 - The Work Desk or Work Surfaces

Page 4 - Section 04 - The Work Chair

Page 6 - Section 07 - The Individual

Page 7 - Section 08 - Environment and Section 09 - General Safety

Page 8 - Section 10 - Identification as a User / Work Breaks

Page 5 - Section 05 - Space Requirements and Section 06 - Lighting

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