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DSE regulations can be broken down into seven simple steps

1.Decide which employees are classed as DSE user, (normally obvious, however, good guidance is available within ACOP L26 'Display Screen Equipment Work; Guidance on Regulations'),

2.Carry out an assessment or issue a self-assessment check list,

3.Review the assessment and use the findings to eliminate or reduce identified risks,

4.Ensure the workstation meets the minimum requirements,

5.Plan the daily work routine of uses (i.e. Breaks),

6.Provide training and information to users,

7.Where necessary provide eye and eyesight testing.


There is much guidance to assist companies complying with their DSE requirements, some Health and Safety Executive publications are listed below.



ACOP L26 Display Screen Equipment


HSG57 Seating at Work




HSG38 Lighting at Work


INDG36 Working with VDUs


HSG90 The law on VDUs - An easy guide has been replaced by Working with display screen equipment (DSE): A brief guide INDG36(rev4)


One final word to finish off is the fact that assessments should also be repeated if there is any reason to suspect they may no longer be valid - for example, if users start complaining of pain or discomfort.




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