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Asbestos in the Workplace


Asbestos in the Workplace guidance

Even today asbestos can be found in many places within a workplace or residential property, a few typical examples being;


insulation around boilers and pipes (maybe sprayed or wrapped)

fire protection / insulation boards

asbestos cement products

certain texture coatings, decorative plasters and paints

roofing sheets

floor tiles or ceiling tiles


Because of the wide spread use of asbestos related materials, many building tradesmen not directly associated with asbestos work, and through no fault of their own, will make up today's high death rates; and for years to come many more will be tomorrows grim statistics....


There is much guidance to asbestos, some of which is listed below, but first remember;


1.if asbestos is found or suspected, leave it alone, and do not disturb it. (suspect material should be strongly assumed to contain asbestos, unless there is strong evidence to prove otherwise)

2.if in doubt, arrange for a special accredited laboratory to confirm the nature of the suspect material.



Once asbestos has been confirmed, an assessment of the potential risks must be carried out.  Any plan to manage asbestos related material will largely depend upon its condition, for example;


For asbestos in good condition, which is unlikely to be disturbed, damaged or worked (for example drilled through), it is usually considered best to leave alone and managed through sound safety practices and principles, etc.  However, for asbestos in poor condition or in locations where it is likely to be damaged or disturbed, it is usual that a decision to remove or seal in-place will have to be made and implemented.


The main UK legislation covering asbestos is The Control of Asbestos Regulations 2006, some available guidance to assist in meeting the requirements of asbestos control, can be found in;


INDG289 Working with asbestos in buildings

HSG 227 A comprehensive guide to managing asbestos in premises,

INDG223 A short guide to managing asbestos in premises,

L127 The management of asbestos in non-domestic premises

L143 Control of Asbestos Regulations 2006,(ACOP)

HSG 248 Asbestos: the analyst's guide for sampling, analysis and clearance procedures,

HSG 247 Asbestos: the licensed contractors guide

INDG418 Asbestos kills: a guide to protecting yourself

HSE Support Comprehensive guidance on working with asbestos

HSG 210 Asbestos essentials

HSE/TUC (2006) The Control of Asbestos Regulations: a guide for safety representatives.

NetRegs Asbestos

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