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Accidents at Work


Accidents at work guidance

An accident may be defined as an unplanned and uncontrolled event which may or may not result in personal injury, damage to equipment or environment. Accidents where no personal injury or damage occurs are usually referred to as near miss incidents.




The Manager, and or supervisor should ensure the following:-


1.that all staff are made aware of the requirement to report accidents and near misses, including acts of violence and aggression.

2.that all incidents are investigated to prevent a re-occurrence.

3.that incidents are reported as required, and that serious incidents have been investigated and the appropriate action has been taken to prevent its re-occurrence.

4.that all incidents are recorded and where necessary reported to the Health and Safety Executive.


Accident Book 

Old and new version of the BI150 Accident Book


Introduction to incident reporting and investigation

Organisations need to be committed to ensuring that all Accidents at Work, incidents and near misses are identified, and that appropriate action is taken to prevent a re-occurrence. A near-miss, can be defined as: An incident that has occurred, which, whilst not causing harm on this occasion, is felt to have a definite potential for causing harm in the event of a re-occurrence. For example, an employee narrowly avoids injury using a faulty piece of work equipment.


With effective health and safety management systems, incidents should be minimised. However, should an incident occur, resulting in ill health, injury or property damage, it should be reported and investigated to prevent a re-occurrence.  It is also important that incidents such as near misses, which have the potential to cause accidents, are also reported and investigated.


AIM - Employee Accident Investigation and Management Software 


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